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I live in Truckee, ( North Lake Tahoe ) California with my family, plus our chocolate lab Oden. I am originally from Pittsburgh PA and met my wife in College in Fort Collins, Colorado. After getting married in New Jersey in 1995 we moved to Tahoe to begin a new adventure together. It's here we get to enjoy all the fun the mountains and lake have to offer. As a family we enjoy all four seasons and I try to find time to occasionally snow board, wake board, mountain bike, golf and hike.

In 1989, I started my career as an adventure guide/photographer. My first professional photos were of rafters plunging through the rapids. Then self promoting scenic landscape photography of traveling experiences in the South Pacific (for a year). After I spent three years as a regional manager for Insta Plak Inc. specializing in photographing PGA/LPGA Golf & celebrity events.

My resume also includes 2 years managing a local Resort Golf/Corporate photography business all the while consistently working in just about every area of commercial & event photography possible. In 1998 I found my passion in photography to be strongest with portraits and candid documentary of events. Because of that shift in focus, I started Flash Photography and have been primarily devoted to weddings and corporate events ever since.

There is no other day like the wedding day. The love expressed among two people with friends and family is truly contagious. I never get tired of being there amongst it's excitement and knowing that these events typically only happen once in a lifetime. These feelings inspire me to give the bride and groom the very best reflection of their day possible. My aim is to help make the couple's day a more memorable one. While shooting I concentrate my attention on the best of all the fun being had and try to capture the essence and detail of as many moments possible. When appropriate I will ask to quickly gather friends and family and offer suggestions to make the best use of the surrounding landscape or lighting options possible. I also will do my best to work with an unobtrusive style so the wedding couple can relax enjoy their day.

With years of experience, you can be assured that your pictures will reflect the very best of your day. Whether it is a wedding, business event, family reunion, golf outing or marketing event. I am confident that together we can create classic images that will be admired for years to come.

I am open to creating custom packages or can quote to fit any specific desires. No matter what the event is that you are planning. Please call to confirm your date or let me know if you have any questions.

Types & Locations of Photography : Chris Beck is a Wedding Photographer, Event Photographer, Commercial Photographer, Reunion Photographer, Portrait Photographer, Digital Photographer, Stock Photographer willing to travel aboard and locally around North Shore & South Shore Lake Tahoe, California & Nevada. Reno, Carson City, Sacramento, San Francisco, Northern California.

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